Coulson, Jorah, Malka, & Thea, the Newfoundlands

Rachel and Jessica Abrams
State College, PA 

A few months after adopting our first rescue dog, we began to have issues with dog-on-dog aggression between the male rescue and our female dogs. It was especially unsettling as our dogs are all Newfoundlands, a breed not exactly known for their aggression, and we didn’t know what would be the best approach for remedying the situation. Working with Kris was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our dogs. Within a week, we no longer had to keep our Newfies in separate rooms. Kris was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and we were surprised by how much fun and interesting the behavior change process was. Kris went out of her way to answer the slightest questions we had and tailored her training tips and in-home sessions for each Newfy’s individual needs and personality. We couldn’t be happier with our time working with Kris, and would recommend her in an instant to anyone with a pet behavior concern.