Sarah Coffey
Blacksburg, VA   

"When I first rescued Bailey in November 2018, I thought her main problem was separation anxiety. Once we found a medication that fixed this issue, we realized that she had other anxieties that were even more serious. My veterinarian recommended that I work with Dr. Maxwell, so we set up our first appointment for January 2019. Bailey was afraid to meet anyone new, including Dr. Maxwell. She barked at the smallest noises in our apartment building and showed signs of aggression toward people and dogs we passed walking down the street. By the end of our fourth session with Dr. Maxwell, Bailey no longer barked at strangers and she was excited to meet friends and family that she hadn’t met before. Now she can relax and be her sweet cuddly self, and we are so much happier together. We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Maxwell!"

Bailey Coffey.jpg