Beau the Labrador/Pit Bull Mix

Carrie Jackson
State College, PA

Kris has been absolutely amazing-- worth every penny I paid for the sessions! Beau still has some improvement to go, but he is SO much better with other people than he was before we started meeting with Kris. Everyone he comes into contact with comments on how much better he is now! While a small amount of this improvement may be attributable just to time, I give the vast majority of the credit to Kris. After our first meeting, Beau already started to show signs of improvement. Kris also acknowledged Beau has issues, but in how she handled both him and me, she never treated him like he is a "problem" dog. 

 Kris is also great in how she deals with the humans in all of this too. She was very encouraging and positive, telling me when I was doing things right (and also politely pointing out when I wasn't doing things in an optimal manner.) Never once did I feel like Beau's problems were somehow my fault (seems like this would be obvious, but I can tell you the work I did with a previous trainer, I left almost every session feeling like I was somehow to blame for my dog's anxiety.) She was also patient in answering all of my questions, and walking through instructions for different tasks step-by-step to make sure I understood things.

 Seriously, if it weren't for Kris, I would most likely have had to give Beau up. Instead I now have an adorable, funny (if still somewhat anxious- but just give him more time) puppy dog!