Carmen, the Boxer mix, and Missy, the Lab mix

Peggy Clowser
Clarksburg, WV 


I have two dogs, a boxer mix named Carmen and a lab mix named Missy. I got Missy as a mate for Carmen. Carmen had never been socialized around other dogs. After the first couple of visits from Dr. Maxwell and Lindsay, I could tell a difference in Carmen's behavior toward both myself and Missy. She wasn't as pushy towards Missy and attention grabbing towards me. Dr. Maxwell and Lindsay used both training and other behavior change techniques to show me how to change Carmen's behavior. Carmen and Missy are now playing together, rather than Carmen forcing Missy to play. Carmen doesn't keep playing with Missy when Missy obviously doesn't want to play. Missy has also learned to play more with Carmen which has helped with her physical activity. I would definitely recommend Pet Behavior Change.