Omar, the Shihtzu

Drew Cutright & Chris Bombard-Cutright
Morgantown, WV 

Amy taught us the tools to help make our puppy, Omar, a well behaved, calmer puppy. Before we contacted Amy, Omar had taken over our house. We could not sit without him crawling all over us and nipping at our hands. We were forced to stand in the living room and watch tv or hide in our bedroom. He was sneaking off in the corners and using the bathroom inside of the house. He would not listen to us and we had a very hard time keeping him still for the groomer.

We noticed a difference after the very first appointment. Amy taught us ways to enforce Omar's good behavior without the use of any type of punishment. Through positive reinforcement we are now able to sit in our living room with Omar while he entertains himself or calmly sits on our lap. He has also been accident free for over four months. Lastly, there is no more chasing him through the house when he gets something that he should not have, all we have to do is tell Omar to "leave it" and he immediately drops whatever he has. We are now able to fully enjoy Omar without bite markes on our hands. We could not be happier with his progress and we owe it all to Amy.