Alice Conner
Virginia Beach, VA

My name is Alice and my sweet rescue pup’s name is Django. When I became pregnant with my son last October, I wanted to be a responsible mother and dog mom and make sure that my little family was safe and happy together once Alister arrived. I had a family tragedy in 2005 where a family dog killed my 2 year old cousin and this was all I could think about - I was so afraid that I would have to choose the unthinkable and give away my precious Django.


I contacted Dr. Maxwell because of her stellar qualifications in animal behavior and her warm and reassuring nature. We worked together at a distance for months on some problem behaviors that Django exhibited that I wanted to manage appropriately before he interacted with my son. Django is a sweet boy but he has always had dog aggressive behaviors and is reactive to anything with wheels.

Django made amazing progress during our work together based on Dr. Maxwell’s direction - he even walks with other dogs in the neighborhood for the first time in his 9 years of life! I now feel safe with Django around Alister and that has been such a relief!

I will always be grateful for the support and kindness Dr. Maxwell gave this anxious new Mom.