Blue, the Standard Poodle

Judy Dunlap
Scott Depot, WV

My husband and I had the great good luck to have Jennifer's help when our young standard poodle, Blue, began showing signs of dog aggression at seven or eight months of age.  He's a wonderful dog in all other respects, but his aggressiveness worsened so rapidly that we weren't sure we could keep him. When we first met Jennifer, we were impressed with her calm demeanor, which was soothing to us as well as to Blue.  She's clearly knowledgeable about canine behavior and management and shared that knowledge with us. She spent time observing our interactions with Blue and his reactions to other dogs, made helpful suggestions about equipment, taught us to use counterconditioning to reframe his aggressive response, provided us with clear written instructions for reference, encouraged us when we were discouraged, and cheered us on as Blue began to respond.  Although we didn't want to have him neutered, after she had worked with him for a few weeks, she convinced us that, in Blue's case, it was a necessary evil...and she was correct.  He's still a work in progress, but we've seen such improvement in his behavior that we feel confident in our ability to continue to help him.  I'm happy to recommend Jennifer to any dog owner who needs help with behavioral problems!