Emma, the Husky

Dory & Russ Wallace
Roanoke, VA

Dr. Maxwell's help with Emma changed our lives. We were always on edge and stressed out with our two dogs because of the dynamics between the two and Emma's extreme behaviors. We had been through other training with another trainer and it only made Emma's behavior worse. Dr Maxwell was very open to our concerns, gave us practical tools, and helped us get our home back in order for happier pups and happier mom and dad.  We can not thank you enough, Dr. Maxwell, for your wisdom and assistance in learning how to better communicate with Emma.

Emma is doing really good. I will never forget Dr. Maxwell telling me that we had to decide if we could be ok with who Emma was and how she acted...basically, some of the stuff with her was never going to change. From then on, I knew that my expectations needed to be different. Not lowered, just different. We have such a better understanding of Emma now. She is "crazy" and is quite the high maintenance dog, but she has come so far from a year ago. By using the tools and strategies Dr. Maxwell taught us, she has become much happier and trusting. She actually lets us pet her. We even took both dogs on a vacation with us and it was a success! I could have never imagined that a year ago. Thank you for everything you do, Dr. Maxwell, and sharing your knowledge and skills with owners and pets.