What role will my veterinarian play in behavioral treatment?

Many clients are referred to Pet Behavior Change through their veterinarian or animal hospital staff. Veterinarians often play an important role in helping clients identify behavior problems. Clients will typically complain of a behavior problem or training deficit during the course of a routine veterinary exam. If your veterinarian determines that you and your pet would be best suited by individual consultation with a behavior specialist, he or she would send you our way.

Vets also play an important role in ongoing behavior problem management, particularly in cases where medication is suggested. Psychoactive medications for anxiety and other behavior problems in pets are being prescribed at increasing rates in recent years. If medication is deemed appropriate for your pet, we will work in collaboration with your veterinarian to ensure that behavioral interventions and pharmacological treatments are working together to best resolve your pet’s behavior problem. Even in cases where medication is not prescribed, we keep your veterinary hospital informed of behavioral interventions in place for your pet, so that we can work as a team to ensure that your pet is not only physically healthy but behaviorally healthy as well.

We do not prescribe medications directly.