Maggie, the Beagle mix, and Misty, the Domestic Shorthaired cat

Joyce Herschberger
Morgantown, WV 

My husband and I would like to say thanks so much to Lindsay Parenti for helping us change our troubled rescue dog, Maggie, into a loving family pet. Maggie was afraid of men, crates, other dogs, loud noises- lots of things. She chewed everything she could get her mouth on including several dog beds that were advertised as chew resistant. She also was very fixated on our family cat Misty (a previously feral rescue cat, helped by working with Megan Maxwell a few years ago) and we worried that they might not be able to live in the same house. 

After working with Lindsay, Maggie and Misty now are very comfortable in the same room although they still haven’t learned how to play together. Maggie doesn’t destroy things anymore, runs to her crate when we ask her to, is much more comfortable around men, and is learning to play with neighborhood dogs. She has also learned basic obedience skills. With Lindsay’s help, Maggie now has a wireless fence and she can run around outside without fear of her running away as she did twice previously.

I definitely recommend both Lindsay and Megan if you have a troubled animal. Maggie and Misty have both become like different animals after working with them. Thank you!