Susan Kapla, Ph.D.

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Canine Consultants, LLC 

I have known Dr. Megan Maxwell for over ten years both as a professional colleague and friend and while we are currently in different parts of the country, we continue to collaborate on research projects and discuss cases regularly. While it can sometimes be difficult to write objectively about the professional attributes of a friend and colleague, in this case it has been easy. Megan has incredibly good communication skills, is likeable, and is consummately professional. 

While Megan has many professional attributes, what stands out to me is her exceptionally keen ability to conceptualize pet problems within a behavioral framework and develop effective intervention plans that address the function of behavior for the pet as well as how that behavior affects the whole family. Dr. Maxwell has a gift for applying a science-based approach to solving behavior problems. Modifying complex and often serious behavior problems experienced by pet owners requires not only knowledge about animal behavior and learning but also the ability to unravel the multilayered contingencies involved and develop clear, concise, manageable and function-based behavioral intervention packages that clients can actually use. Megan does this and does it well. She is one of only a handful of pet behavior professionals in the country with this unique set of abilities. We are fortunate to have her in our field.