Laura Goodman
Pulaski, VA 

"When my daughter was born, our pit mix, Lillie, wasn't sure what to think and I was really worried we might have to find a new home for her. I found Megan online and asked if she might be able to help. 

Lillie Goodman.jpg

Megan was wonderful to work with. She came to our home and over several sessions we learned how to teach Lillie to get used to the baby. It took time, and with my postpartum anxiety it wasn't easy, but as you see- now they are great together. Lillie just relaxes and checks on our daughter with a sniff or a kiss when she is upset. We went from afraid Lillie would need a new home to extremely thankful she is still with us.
It took time and work and patience on our part to make it happen as well, but we wouldn't have known what to do it it weren't for Megan!"