Morgantown, WV

Lindsay Parenti and Josh Leggett provide behavioral consultations and obedience training in the Morgantown, WV community. They work in collaboration with Dr. Megan Maxwell, the only Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist providing services in West Virginia. The following services are available to families living within 100 miles of Morgantown, WV.

All services are arranged in the context of four in-home visits scheduled across 8 weeks. Contact us to schedule an appointment right away.

Behavior Assessment and Intervention ($395.00 plus travel fee*)
Lindsay Parenti, Josh Leggett

Morgantown, WV

Morgantown, WV

Common dog behavior problems include aggression toward people or animals, fearful behavior, separation anxiety, house soiling, excessive barking, jumping, resource guarding, pulling on leash, reactivity, thunderstorm phobias, and general noncompliance.

Common cat behavior problems include house soiling, fearful behavior, aggression between resident cats or toward humans, and anxious behavior including ingestion of foreign objects, overgrooming, and repetitive behavior. 

We will conduct a behavioral history assessment and observe your pet, then design an individually tailored behavior plan for you and your family to implement. Across sessions, our goal is to help pet owners understand the cause of their pet's behavior problem and give owners the tools they need to address it.  

For those owners who learn best with ongoing coaching and long-term support, or for those behavior problems that typically require more extensive follow-up, an extended series of six sessions is recommended ($495.00 plus travel fee*). 

Behavioral Evaluation Meet and Greet ($100.00 plus travel fee*)
Lindsay Parenti

In some cases, clients are unsure whether their pet requires behavioral intervention or training. In other cases, owners wonder whether their dog would make a good potential service or therapy dog. Some owners simply would like to have us meet their pet before committing to behavioral services. For these cases, we offer a 1-hour evaluation session. Evaluation recommendations may include further training or behavioral intervention in the context of one of the service packages described here, or a recommendation for or against service or therapy dog work for the pet. 

Canine Good Citizen Test Proctoring ($40.00 plus travel fee*)

Our consultant, Lindsay Parenti, is certified to evaluate and award the Canine Good Citizen ribbon to those dogs who pass the test.

Behavior Problem Prevention and Basic Manners ($295.00 plus travel fee*)
Josh Leggett

Perhaps you have just acquired a new dog or puppy and although you see no behavior problems, you are interested in training him or her to respond to those basic commands that are most important in the context of daily living. Josh can assist you with this. Basic obedience is taught using positive reinforcement in the form of praise, petting, treats, toys, and other naturally occurring rewards. Using strategies that include luring, prompting, shaping, and fading, our dog training is arranged in such a way that your dog will learn rapidly and have fun in the process! 

We will introduce and practice the basic obedience elements below. 

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Drop It/Leave It
  • Watch Me

If you are experiencing behavioral problems or would like an individually tailored behavior plan to address any issues other than to teach these responses, you should sign up for Behavioral Assessment and Intervention instead of, or in addition to, the Basic Manners course. 

The Trainer Trains for You! ($20.00 per hour plus travel fee*)
Josh Leggett

Leading busy lives, some owners prefer to have someone provide their dog with training, exercise, and enrichment while they cannot be there. For graduates of our obedience or behavior problem programs, we offer this service. We do our best to work around your schedule and we develop an individualized plan for your dog that may include any of the elements below. We also will teach you how to follow through on the training we have accomplished, providing weekly progress reports and tips. 

  • Walking on Leash
  • Head Halter/Body Harness Training
  • Basic Obedience Exercises (Come, Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Drop it, Leave it)
  • Socialization in Public with Positive Reinforcement
  • Toy Play 
  • Play with other Dogs

Service Dog Training Package ($395.00 plus travel fee*)
Lindsay Parenti

A service dog is a dog that has "been trained to provide work or perform tasks related to an individual’s disability. When accompanied by their handler, who is an individual with a disability, service animals are afforded public access protections (Parenti et al., 2013)." The average cost of a trained service dog is approximately $30,000. Some organizations are able to provide trained animals to clients at no charge, but these organizations often have wait lists of 2 years or longer and require the client to attend training in another state, which is very costly. 

Pet Behavior Change, LLC. offers support to individuals interested in training their own service dogs. We do not provide the dog. We provide task training, behavior modification, client education, and preparation and proctoring of tests commonly used in the field. Pet Behavior Change does not, however, "certify" service animals as such - there is currently no legal requirement for service dog certification and owner-trained service dogs are legally acceptable. Pet Behavior Change strives to educate the client as well as the dog, as both members of the team contribute to the success of a partnership. 

Current types of service dog training offered:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Psychiatric support/PTSD dogs
  • Hearing dogs
  • Autism dogs
  • Seizure RESPONSE (not seizure alert)

This training package includes ADI test preparation and the teaching of at least one task. Additional tasks can be taught ($50/hour) and public access test proctoring can be be arranged ($100). 

Emotional Support Dog Training ($295.00 plus travel fee*)
Josh Leggett

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are companion animals that provide support for their owner’s disability. Emotional Support Animals are not afforded public access by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA); however, some areas of the law permit the presence of an ESA with a doctor’s note verifying the assistance the dog provides in the individual’s daily life. For example, HUD housing and some forms of transportation (airlines) permit legitimate ESAs.

The level of training required for an ESA is not legally regulated and the training needs depend on the purpose of the animal. Some ESAs are merely well-behaved pets that provide companionship simply by their presence. Other ESAs are trained to perform tasks to assist the individual, such as alerting to sounds inside the home, retrieving dropped items, interrupting self-harm, getting help, retrieving medications, and waking up the owner during nightmares.

If planning to take the animal on transportation, the owner of the ESA has a responsibility to ensure that the animal is safe to others and also that the animal is well prepared to handle crowds and is able to be present on the mode of transportation without undue stress to the animal.

Pet Behavior Change tailors the training to each individual client. At a minimum, ESAs should be prepared to take and pass the Canine Good Citizen test. Pet Behavior Change will focus on teaching for excellence in this test first. In addition, we can guide you through the process of training for specific tasks and preparation for public transportation, if desired. 

Therapy Visitation Dog Training ($295.00 plus travel fee*)
Josh Leggett

Guidance and preparation for therapy dog certification testing, including the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. Assistance in locating a therapy dog testing organization. Training is focused on helping dog to pass selected organization's testing components.  

* A travel fee of $0.50 per driving mile round-trip is added for each in-home session. Payment can be made by cash or check and is due in full at the first session. Services typically can be scheduled to begin within 2 weeks. A 20% discount on this service is available to United States veterans.