Ginger, the Goldendoodle

Our dog was a pup at the time who was very sweet but with a few behaviors that we wanted to catch before she got very old. We needed some expertise on how to get these behaviors under control. Jennifer was the answer to the frustration we had in dealing with Ginger. We've had 2 poodles, 3 golden retrievers, 1 St. Bernard, and 1 rescue, and we were able to train all to be well behaved. Ginger is so energetic and seems so aware of everything going on around her at once, it's hard to keep her on task. Jennifer was able to give us and actually show us on home visits exercises and ideas to get her attention back on track. During our phone conversations, Jennifer was able to steer us in another direction if what we were doing was not working. Jennifer armed us with several ideas to work with Ginger, and we continue to work on the behaviors that still need attention. We refer to the treatment plans that Jennifer e-mailed us. Discovering Jennifer when we did has been a huge help. We had a few calling cards we have given to other frustrated pet owners. We feel the one-on-one attention Ginger and we received is the way to go, and Jennifer was a wonderful instructor and listener.

Pam and Paul Mullins
St. Albans, WV