Bo, the Dalmatian

Chandler Wheeling
Roanoke, VA 

We bought a 10 week old puppy in August of 2011. We took him to puppy school per the breeder's advice until he was 5 months of age. At 10 months old, my husband and I realized that there were issues - fear/aggressive tendencies. He was trying to bite us in certain situations and he was aggressive with other people and animals. I was afraid that I could never have anyone over to the house again and that down the road I could never have another pet as long as Bo was alive. I found on the Internet and called. Megan truly does teach the owners how to handle a difficult animal, and it's so easy and it works. She listens and there is no blame, just wanting to help us and our dog. We continue to use her methods to this day with Bo. We have no problems with guests at our house and have actually had a guest dog over with no aggressive issues. Bo goes to doggie day care and has made some doggie friends and we are now in obedience classes with other dogs and Bo is doing really well. Thank you, Megan Maxwell!