Orlando, FL

Holly Byrd provides consultations in the Orlando, FL, community. Holly works in collaboration with Dr. Megan Maxwell, one of only 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in North America. The following services are available to families living in the Orlando metropolitan area.

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Behavior Assessment and Intervention ($395.00 plus travel fee*)

Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Common dog behavior problems include aggression toward people or animals, fearful behavior, separation anxiety, house soiling, excessive barking, jumping, resource guarding, pulling on leash, reactivity, thunderstorm phobias, and general noncompliance.

Common cat behavior problems include house soiling, fearful behavior, aggression between resident cats or toward humans, and anxious behavior including ingestion of foreign objects, excessive grooming, and repetitive behavior. 

We will conduct a behavioral history assessment and observe your pet, then design an individually tailored behavior plan for you and your family to implement. Across sessions, our goal is to help pet owners understand the cause of their pet's behavior problem and give owners the tools they need to address it.  

For those owners who learn best with ongoing coaching and long-term support, or for those behavior problems that typically require more extensive follow-up, an extended series of six sessions is recommended ($495.00 plus travel fee*). 

Behavior Problem Prevention and Basic Manners ($295.00 plus travel fee*)

Perhaps you have just acquired a new dog or puppy and although you see no behavior problems, you are interested in training him or her to respond to those basic commands that are most important in the context of daily living. Holly can assist you with this. Basic obedience is taught using positive reinforcement in the form of praise, petting, treats, toys, and other naturally occurring rewards. Using strategies that include luring, prompting, shaping, and fading, our dog training is arranged in such a way that your dog will learn rapidly and have fun in the process! 

We will introduce and practice the basic obedience elements below. 

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Drop It/Leave It
  • Watch Me

If you are experiencing behavioral problems or would like an individually tailored behavior plan to address any issues other than to teach these responses, you should sign up for Behavioral Assessment and Intervention instead of, or in addition to, the Basic Manners course. 

Follow-up Sessions ($60.00 per hour)

If you would like additional coaching from Holly after completing either the basic obedience or behavioral assessment and intervention package, you can arrange for follow-up sessions individually or in sets of several sessions. 

* A travel fee of $0.50 per driving mile roundtrip is added for each in-home session. Payment can be made by cash or check and is due in full at the first session. Services typically can be scheduled to begin within 2 weeks of your contact.