Marlon, the Golden Retriever/Labrador mix, and Maple, the Doberman/Husky mix

Tim and Sara Pollock
State College, PA 

We really enjoyed working with Kris. She helped us make sure that integrating our new puppy Marlon with our dog Maple went smoothly. We also had not previously adopted a dog as young as Marlon, so we needed some help on the puppy issues. Kris is extremely knowledgeable and was enthusiastic in helping us work through issues as they arose. She was also a great help reading the dogs' non-verbal behaviors and understanding what was "normal" and what wasn't when they were playing together. This gave us real peace of mind that the dogs were indeed getting along well. We'd had a bad experience previously, so we were a bit sensitive trying it again. Kris made sure everything went smoothly. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs help training their dog, whether it's garden variety stuff or serious behavioral issues.