Ozzie, the Shiba Inu

Kim Brennan and Travis Pope
Altoona, PA

We first contacted Megan about five months after adopting Ozzie, a five year old Shiba Inu, from a family member. We loved Ozzie very much, but he was the most stubborn and independent dog we had ever encountered. He was skittish around people and would flinch whenever someone would reach for him. He was also an escape artist, running away whenever he could and not coming when called. Megan worked with us to develop a plan for Ozzie that would help him learn to trust people and become comfortable in our family. She showed us exactly how to use treats to teach Ozzie to come when called and to show him that when we reached for him he didn’t need to be scared. She showed us how to earn his trust and reinforce his good behavior. When we first got Ozzie we were always scared to give him an inch, knowing that he would take a mile (and keep running for miles and miles!), but now we can take him to the park and let him explore without worrying that we will lose him. Thank you Megan!