Bentley, the German Shepherd mix

Morgantown, WV 

I reached out to Pet Behavior Change after adopting my dog Bentley. My main concern with Bentley was his excitability when guests would come to the door or when we would go for a walk. It was almost impossible to get him to listen or calm down.

Amy listened intently to my frustrations and concerns. She was calm and encouraging and the manner in which she worked with Bentley was incredible. Bentley was very responsive to her. We started seeing results after just our first session! Amy provided me with the foundation and tools that I needed to continue to work with Bentley even after our sessions were completed.

Bentley still gets excited to go for walks and loves to greet people in our neighborhood or at the front door. However, I feel more in control and confident during our walks and he has learned to lay/stay when directed. Very exciting! Bentley’s progress is attributed to Amy’s guidance and our time together. I am very grateful to Amy for all of her assistance and knowledge. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who might be experiencing issues with their dog.