Indie, the Malamute

I was about to give up and try to rehome our dog. We did not know how to manage her with a toddler and the thought of bringing a new baby into our chaotic home was causing me a lot of stress. I read that Malamutes are a challenging breed, but I could not have imagined how challenging.  Kris came in and gave me hope again and faith that Indie will be a good dog with proper training. Since our sessions, we have had no problems as far as resource guarding. Indie listens to us better and our relationship with her has improved greatly. I called Kris because of resource guarding but she addressed so many other problems and gave us the tools and confidence to train our dog. She is successfully learning to calm down around our toddler and Kris used our 5th phone session to instead come work on strategies to get ready for baby. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Andrea Santella
Duncansville, PA