Lainey, the Labrador Retriever mix

Jeanne Schilgen
Roanoke, VA 

I have a rescue dog with separation anxiety and dog aggression, two serious issues which I have never had to deal with in my previous dogs. Although I have had dogs my entire life and thought I knew everything there is to know about them, I did not know how to handle these problems. I hired Megan even though I was somewhat skeptical that her extensive and very impressive credentials would translate to practical application in helping my new dog and me, but her insight and extraordinary understanding of dogs' behavior have truly made a difference. She has shown me many techniques to use, all of which are done with understanding of and kindness towards the dog and REALLY work, with pretty much immediate results. My dog is noticeably much more confident and less anxious now, as am I! I wanted to write this review but had a hard time because I don't feel that I can adequately describe how very excellent Megan is in what she does. She is truly a professional, but also a really nice person. My dog and I both think the world of her!