Macie, the Shepherd-Lab Mix

Brenda Scotchie
Clarksburg, WV

We could not have worked through Macie's behaviors without Lindsay. This was a huge obstacle for Macie to overcome, but Macie made amazing progress. Lindsay was very professional and observed Macie in a variety of settings. She gave us verbal instructions and a written plan to change behaviors. She was very knowledgeable about positive training and I felt comfortable with Lindsay's plan. She was creative in dealing with our issues with positive solutions, and she worked very well with my 13-year-old daughter, giving her appropriate solutions for training Macie herself. If I need more help with our dog, Lindsay would be the person I would contact. We have had multiple trainers, and I feel Lindsay met our needs better than our previous trainers. She saved our hope of Macie being a Service Dog.

I highly recommend Lindsay to others needing any type of help with their animals. She was amazing to work with. She was able to teach us how to be better handlers of our dogs and problem solve a variety of concerns. I liked that Lindsay never gave up on us and was always positive and encouraging. She was a prayer answered for my family. We think she is AWESOME!!!