Oatie, the miniature Poodle mix

Morgantown, WV 

We rescued our dog Oatie from a hording situation and he struggled with anxiety, especially around new people and other dogs. Our main concern was his severe anxiety around other dogs - he would bark, growl, try to reach the other dog, and was unable to be re-directed. We were anxious even walking him down our street due to the worry that he would see another dog. Oatie did have other troubles like biting and mouthing also. 

Amy did an amazing job with our treatment plan. I was always so impressed with how thorough the plan was, the various goals she gave us, etc. She helped us with so many aspects of his behavior, even beyond our primary reason for seeking services (i.e., jumping off furniture, stranger anxiety, separation anxiety, learning new commands). It definitely seemed that Amy has had a lot of experience working with pets with anxiety and difficulties with other dogs. It was comforting to know that she had worked with many dogs who had similar problems, and that they also had improved.

We have already recommended Amy to our friends. The service was very beneficial and we still practice the same strategies Amy taught us. It has really helped Oatie have a better quality of life. We are very appreciative to Amy and Pet Behavior Change! Thank you to Amy for being so kind and sweet to Oatie, despite his anxiety. Oatie has made a lot of amazing progress. While working with Amy, Oatie went from being unable to even see another dog, to playing and interacting with other dogs comfortably. Pet Behavior Change really helped him to be able to interact with other dogs again and for us to feel more comfortable on walks.