Charmin the Great Pyrenees/Lab mix

Grant and Lindsay White
Elkview, WV

We called upon Jennifer to guide us through some training difficulties we were experiencing with our Great Pyrenees/Lab girl Charmin. Charmin would exert such excited behavior when she saw other dogs that she would give a terrible first impression to 2- and 4-leggeds alike. We feared that Charmin was endangering herself, not to mention turning away potential friends - friends with whom she played very well after their initial meetings. 

Jennifer observed our family and designed a plan that helped reinforce Charmin's good behavior and helped avoid inadvertent reinforcement of less-than-acceptable behavior.  Professional and very knowledgeable, Jennifer helped us understand the foundation of Charmin's rambunctious behavior and, most importantly, she helped us help Charmin. We found her guidance a very worthwhile investment and are pleased with Charmin's success.