Dr. Maxwell's Monthly Column, The Teacher's Pets, from the Roanoke Times

Dr. Maxwell is the author of the Roanoke Times' pet behavior advice column The Teacher's Pets. This column runs on the first Tuesday of every month. Check out this  Roanoke Times article about Dr. Maxwell.

September 2018: Tail chasing

August 2018: Pilfering pooches

July 2018: Hands off my paws! Teaching dogs to enjoy nail clipping

June 2018: Training our scaled, finned and feathered friends

May 2018: A pet owner’s gardening woes

April 2018: Basic obedience and beyond, Part 2

March 2018: Basic obedience and beyond

February 2018: Help! My dog eats his own waste

January 2018: Grrr, this lap belongs to me!

December 2017: Things to consider when gifting puppies

November 2017: How to teach the Leave It command

October 2017: Facial expressions, body posture convey dog's intentions

September 2017: How to interpret dogs' tail wags

August 2017: Crate training requires gradual exposure, positive associations

July 2017: Socialization strategies require more than mere exposure

June 2017: Fireworks and thunder no fun for dogs

May 2017: Bringing a second dog into the home

April 2017: What's in a name?

March 2017: Intervention strategies can help ease canine separation anxiety

February 2017: Home-alone canine capers

January 2017: Winter fun for our furry family

December 2016: Home for the holidays

November 2016: Factors that predict success in dog behavior therapy, training

October 2016: Perfect pooches in public places

September 2016: Frogger the food guarder

August 2016: Crazy in the car

July 2016: Dogs from animal hoarding homes -- part 2

June 2016: Dogs from animal hoarding homes -- part 1

May 2016: Whine, whine, go away, come again some other day!

April 2016: Walking Nightmare Can Transform Into a Treat

March 2016: Good Behavior is Just a Click Away

February 2016: It is Possible to Train Cats

January 2016: Resolve to Use Training Strategies for Pets in the New Year

December 2015: Start Puppy on the Right Path

November 2015: Don't Let Your Dog Be a Bumpus Hound!

October 2015: Don't Spook Your Pet This Halloween

September 2015: How to Calm Dogs with Storm Anxiety

August 2015: Another Hole in the Wall

July 2015: When Cats Mark the Wrong Spot

June 2015:  Cat Thinks Outside of the Box

May 2015:  Sheltie Won’t Let People Leave the Yard

April 2015: The Case of the Runaway Dog, Part II

March 2015: The Case of the Runaway Dog

February 2015: Introductory Column

Dr. Maxwell's Monthly Column, Pet Peeves, from the Centre Daily Times

Dr. Maxwell was the author of the Centre Daily Times pet behavior advice column Pet Peeves from September 2010 through January 2012.

January 2012: Sit, stay commands teach self control

December 2011: Crate Training Your Dog

November 2011: Wagging tail can mean happiness or warning

October 2011: Easing dog's phobias takes time, patience

September 2011: Lead your dog by the head

August 2011: Food aggression in dogs can present challenge

July 2011: Dog's noise phobia can be silenced

June 2011: Shape pet's behavior using positive baby steps

May 2011: Use positive reinforcement to train your pet

April 2011: Use rewards to guide dogs' response to basic commands

March 2011: Negative experiences may scare cats from litter box

February 2011: Cats' urine marking has social function

January 2011: Take steps to stop separation anxiety

December 2010: Control canines with time-outs

November 2010: Curb pet's behavior by understanding it

October 2010: Housetraining your dog can be a treat

September 2010: Indoor dog exercises beat the heat

In the News

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Therapy dogs take care of their people at West Virginia University

WVU freshman engineering program set to welcome therapy dog

Read about Lindsay Parenti and Dr. Maxwell's work with the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health in examining the role that service dogs can play in assisting veterans: 

Researchers Want to Know If Service Dogs Can Help Veterans Return to Civilian Work

West Virginia University researchers to examine whether service dogs help veterans recover, return to workforce