Seminars & Workshops

Dr. Maxwell provides seminars and workshops on a range of subjects related to pet behavior. She has spoken internationally on topics including:

  • Applied behavior analysis with companion animals

  • Research on dog, cat, and parrot behavior

  • Leadership training via positive reinforcement

  • Canine and feline aggression

  • Function-based approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of pet behavior problems

  • Handling canine and feline problem behavior in shelters and other public places

  • Reading canine and feline body language

  • Attention-maintained pet behavior problems

  • The role of positive reinforcement in basic obedience training

  • Teaching children how to interact safely with dogs

These seminars are available to a variety of organizations and groups, including:

  • Universities

  • Animal hospitals

  • Dog training clubs

  • Dog training companies

  • Kennel clubs

  • Rescue groups and shelters

  • Doggie daycare and boarding facilities

Seminars may be arranged to provide attendees with continuing education units in the veterinary, dog training, or behavior analysis professions (e.g., through the American Veterinary Medical Association or the Behavior Analysis Certification Board). 

Contact Dr. Maxwell to learn more about seminars or workshops for your organization or university.