Shadowing Opportunities in Pet Behavior Consulting

We receive many calls each year from individuals interested in learning more about the field of applied animal behavior and pet training. Many individuals have some course work in this area but lack experience working directly with companion animals and their owners. Others have a strong background in veterinary medicine or in dog training but little formal education in animal learning and behavior. Our internship and shadowing opportunities can help fill these gaps in learning and experience.

Pet Behavior Change currently has several shadowing opportunities available for individuals living in or around Morgantown, WV.

Shadowing opportunities are designed for college students or college graduates interested in learning more about the implementation of applied behavior analysis with domestic dogs and cats. They are open to veterinary students or graduates, non-veterinary graduates with a minimum Bachelor’s degree in any field of study, and undergraduates currently majoring in Psychology, Biology, Zoology, or other related field.

Shadowing provides the following opportunities:

1.     Observing pet behavior consultant Lindsay Parenti, MA, BCBA, in action as she conducts behavioral assessments and implements behavior plans with families whose dogs or cats are experiencing behavior problems or training deficits.

2.     Discussing the behavior plan rationale for these cases with Lindsay.

3.     Participating in behavioral intervention development and implementation.

Those interested in shadowing must be able to attend cases on Lindsay’s schedule in the Morgantown area and must provide their own transportation to clients’ homes.

Shadowing opportunities are available in packages of four cases. Each case typically involves 4 sessions in the client’s home or in the community over the course of approximately 2 months. The cost for shadowing is as follows:

Observation of four behavioral cases: $300.00
Approximate hours: 20-25

Observation of eight behavioral cases: $550.00
Approximate hours: 40-45