What are some of the behavior problems commonly treated by Pet Behavior Change?

The most common behavior problem among dogs is aggression. Aggression in dogs comes in the form of barking, growling, lunging, showing teeth, snapping, or biting directed toward other dogs, people, vehicles, or small animals. Although aggression presents many very serious challenges to pet owners, there are treatments that have been used successfully to reduce or manage it. Other common behavior problems among dogs include destruction, separation distress, fearfulness, jumping, excessive barking, and housetraining difficulties. Less common behavior problems, such as rock-eating or tail-chasing, also have been treated successfully by Pet Behavior Change. 

The most common behavior problem among cats is urinating or defecating outside of the litter box. Other common cat behavior problems that we regularly treat include aggression (toward other cats, dogs, or people), inappropriate scratching (e.g., on furniture or carpets), excessive howling or meowing, over-grooming resulting in hair loss, and fearfulness.

Common behavior problems in parrots include excessive squawking, self-mutilation (feather-plucking), repetitive behavior (rocking), fearfulness, and aggression.