Is there a guarantee that my pet's behavior will improve?

Over the last 15 years of practice, we have had a high rate of success teaching owners how to change their pets' behavior for the better. However, we provide no guarantee of behavior change or problem resolution. In fact, making such a guarantee is a questionable practice for behavioral professionals. A pet's behavior (like our own) is a function of many different variables, some of which families may be unable to control.

Factors that impact the outcome of any behavioral intervention include family members' ability and inclination to change their own behavior and to conduct behavior modification and training sessions effectively, the history of reinforcement for the behavior, the length of time over which the behavior problem has been exhibited, and many others. These are variables impacting behavior that are outside of any behavioral professional's control, and thus guarantees are not offered in psychology, whether in work with humans or pets.

It is important to understand that sustainable behavior change takes place over time, and that there are usually no quick fixes for behavior problems. To engender long-lasting and stable changes in behavior requires practice, repetition, consistency, and focus. The time and effort required will vary case by case, but you should expect that there will be both daily or weekly exercises you will need to conduct and also general changes you may need to make in your interaction style with your pet or in your daily habits as they relate to your pet's behavior. 

We will provide you and your pet with a high-quality, humane, and data-driven approach to behavior change. You will receive consultation regarding why your pet behaves as he or she does and coaching on how to interact with your pet so as to engender positive behavior and reduce problem behavior. As in so many other areas, the more that you are able to put into your pet's behavior change protocol, the more you will typically get out of it.