Bob the Boxer/Blue Heeler mix

Samantha and Cole Harden
Blacksburg, VA

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Need to tell you 
About Megan
I hear your dog does terrible things
Barking, biting, hates all men
Saw it there and I thought oh my god
Look at that thing, it sure needs good training
So much more than sit and stay
Lots of treats, and ABCs
She reads dogs like a magazine
Bad behavior doesn’t fly
But being good means lots of good treats
So hey, they’ll be friends
She makes rules that no dog bends
Grab your muzzle and your furry friend
She can make the bad dogs good in a weekend
You have been trying for forever
Cesar’s books are mostly lame
You’ll be happy when it's over
And your dog is downright tame
Got a long list of dog lovers
They'll say she’s amazing
Megan peels away the layers
Your dog’s good again
If they’re young and they’re reckless
Or if they’re chasing cars 
She’ll bust down bad habits
And emotional scars
Got a long list of dog-lovers
They'll say she’s amazing
Get out a blank check, baby
And write Megan’s name