Chelsea Hellen
Morgantown, WV 

Pepper Hellen.jpg

"When we first started this journey, we had no idea that we were just adding to Pepper's anxiety which was causing her aggression. Not only did Lindsay help us get Pepper on medication that has worked wonders, she taught us how to help Pepper feel more at ease and how to recognize the signs of aggression before we saw the outcomes. When we first started with Lindsay, our two dogs couldn't even be in the same room. Now we have no recurring issues with the two. They play together normally. If we notice any issues, we know how to resolve the problem before anything escalates. Lindsay gave us our life back. 

Before Lindsay, we were having to separate our dogs 24/7. The vet was suggesting that we put Pepper down. We were terrified. After working with Lindsay, we learned that we could 100% handle the issue and get Pepper feeling better. Now we can have people over for dinner with no fears. Pepper has stayed with family and friends have stayed with her at our home while we're on vacation with zero issues. We can't thank Lindsay enough for the help and comfort!"