Lucas, the Border Collie

Nancy and Gene Thompson
Salem, VA 

Lucas is a 4 year old Border Collie we rescued 2 years ago. He has anxiety issues from being left alone for long periods of time. This resulted in pacing, twirling and anxious panting. He is very noise sensitive and frequently checks his reflection in a window, TV or mirror. He has been to obedience school and readily follows commands when he is not so distracted by his compulsive behaviors. Dr. Maxwell helped us change our focus of training and ignore much of the disruptive behavior. We have been able to re-channel a lot of his energy and have added some dietary supplements as well. He is so much happier and able to concentrate on fun games and his outside agility course. 

We are adding new training skills and hope to enroll him in Dr. Maxwell's advanced class in the spring. It's great to have her to call on if we hit a snag. Dr. Megan has the uncanny ability to understand how the dog experiences various situations and THAT is the key to success.