Tyson and Zeke, the Dobermans

Jen and Trey Wolz
Christiansburg, VA

We are so thankful to Dr. Maxwell for all of her help with Tyson and his behaviors toward me and Zeke. When we first started working with Dr. Maxwell, we were pretty much at the end of our ropes. Tyson had growled at me and bitten me in various situations. Tyson and Zeke were having fights that had escalated to the point of multiple vet visits. We were lost and, despite the fact that we're experienced dog owners, we were clueless. 

 Thanks to our sessions and to following Dr. Maxwell's recommendations, we have gone from a household in constant worry that the boys were going to fight or that I'd do something that Tyson didn't like, to a household that can relax and have fun together. I've learned that I don't have to be the "alpha" and to be aware of the actions that I do that might cause Tyson stress and have worked through them (or avoided doing them altogether now that I'm aware). Tyson and I now have a great relationship including the ability to work together to earn his first AKC Rally title. The boys have gone back to being good pals that can play and relax together inside and outside the house.  Thank you so much, Dr. Maxwell, for helping to save our little family!